Battlefield 5 New Guns De Lisle Commando Carbine & LS/26 LMG Gameplay Early Look

battlefield 5 trello board

While there’s already a ton of info floating about when it comes to Battlefield 5 unreleased, and soon-to-be-released content, we now have something a lot more tangible!

Thanks to a bug in the game, two Battlefield 5 new guns can be seen in action below! There’s the De Lisle Commando Carbine, and the LS/26 LMG! Check out the gameplay below from YouTuber (and MP1st friend) DannyOnPC (Twitter, YouTube)!

De Lisle commando carbine gameplay! – Battlefield V

LS/26 gameplay, ITS AMAZING! – Battlefield V

Thoughts so far? Not bad, right? No word yet on when we’ll actually see these weapons released officially, but once we do, we’ll let people know.

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