Here’s a Sneak Peek at the Improved Battlefield V Bipod Mechanics

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Are you a Support player in Battlefield V? Do you like using the bipod but hate how buggy and cumbersome it is? If the answer to that is a resounding yes, you’ll love what you’re about to watch!

Over on Twitter, Core Gameplay Engineer Niels Stoelinga shared a super quick video clip of the improved Battlefield 5 bipod fix that the studio is cooking up behind the scenes! Check out the short clip below.

As you can clearly see, the improved bipod just stays in place (as it should be) when perched on a ledge. It’s also way easier to swing and look around aiming down sights (ADS) while using it, which should help Support people protect a base and lay down some covering fire.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has revealed a couple of Holiday gifts for the game’s player base as a thank you. Check out what they are and how to earn them here.