Battlefield 5 Body Dragging Feature Cancelled by DICE, Says It Would “Negatively Impact” Gameplay

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Back when Battlefield 5 was announced, one of the new features DICE talked about was how players can drag friendly soldiers out of harm’s way during a match. Well, it’s been months since release, and the Battlefield 5 body dragging mechanic still isn’t in the game! As it turns out, there’s a good reason for that, as it’s cancelled.

In a new blog post by DICE (via DannyOnPC) regarding the new Operation “Trial By Fire,” the studio talked about the Battlefield 5 body dragging feature and what happened to it.

What happened with the Soldier Dragging feature?
Having discovered that soldier dragging would negatively impact the core gameplay loop, we’ve decided to not add the feature to Battlefield V. To make soldier dragging look and play well, complex and long animations are necessary. This would make reviving feel slow and unresponsive, which would affect the pacing of Battlefield V’s gameplay.

We’ll continue to explore ways to improve Battlefield V, but in doing so we have to ensure that the core elements, the essence, if you will, of the game remain unaffected. It’s been great reading the discussions on this subject and your feedback continues to play a part in all our decisions. Please keep that feedback coming, and we’ll keep consuming it.

There you have it, folks! Soldier/body dragging in Battlefield 5 won’t be available at all. Luckily, there’s a new game mode out now that should help you forget about that.

Is this bad news for you or do you think it wouldn’t have worked out the way DICE intended it anyway?