Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 Upcoming Rewards Leaked and It’s the BAR LMG & a Baseball Bat

battlefield 5 chapter 5 upcoming rewards

With 2019 set to come to a close soon, it seems DICE is giving us one more weapon to earn before the year’s done. Spotted in the game files via datamining is the Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 upcoming rewards for the next week, and it’s a new gun, and even a Christmas-themed baseball bat!

Once again unearthed by reliable dataminer temporyal, we see that the BAR 1918A2 LMG will be the reward for Battlefield 5 Chapter 5 Week 8, and there’s even an optional challenge that will reward a holiday-themed baseball bat!

Same as with every datamined info, this is NOT official until DICE announces and/or confirms it. Plans change, and whatnot, so don’t get annoyed at DICE if this doesn’t turn out in week 8.

For more official Battlefield 5 news, don’t forget that we’re getting fan-favorite Wake Island next week! Make sure to watch the trailer, and read up on the map breakdown. In addition to that, we’re also getting Community Games (or rent a server functionality)! Read up on the initial features available and more.

Stay tuned to our weekly Battlefield 5 challenges reset that goes up every Thursday.

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