Battlefield 5 Core Gameplay Designer Moving on to Next Project

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Following news that Battlefield 5 Multiplayer Producer David Sirland is moving on from the game and DICE to a new studio, it seems another core developer is moving on from Battlefield 5.

Over on Twitter, Battlefield 5 Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan (username: Drunkkz3) casually mentioned that the Lunge Mine that’s available in Chapter 6 is one of the last things he has worked on for the game.

When prodded by YouTuber DannyOnPC, Le Bihan confirmed that he’s assisting with “a few things” but that’s about it in terms of his involvement.

Note that Le Bihan has not left DICE, but rather, has moved on to another project, which we presume is the next Battlefield game that’s been confirmed for next-gen machines.

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Given how active Le Bihan has been with the Battlefield 5 community on gameplay design decisions, let’s hope that doesn’t change even if he’s working on another game at the studio. If you want to see Le Bihan (who’s a former pro player) slaying people in a shooter, check out his skill in Black Ops 4 where he got accused of being a cheater for being too good.

Is this a cause for concern for Battlefield 5 players or not at all?

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