Next Battlefield Game Confirmed for Next-Gen, EA Mum on Vince Zampella’s Involvement

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In today’s EA quarterly earnings call, not a lot of news was revealed regarding the next Battlefield game, but we know one thing for sure: it’s headed to PS5 and Xbox Series X — which is kind of a given, but a good confirmation nonetheless.

We expect growth to accelerate in fiscal 2022 as we leveraged the growing base of next-generation consoles with the launch of a new Battlefield. This is on top of the launches of FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22 plus new and ongoing live services and other titles. – Blake Jorgensen – Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

While the nect Battlefield game hitting next-gen is a lock now, what we’re still unsure of is whether newly appointed DICE LA boss Vince Zampella (Respawn Entertainment studio boss) will be involved with the game or IP at all.

Financial analyst Drew Crum of Stifel asked whether Vince Zampella would be involved, and EA gave a rather vague and non-committal answer.

Drew Crum:with some of the management changes you’ve made at DICE and I guess specifically Vince becoming the Director of the LA office, how involved will he in Respawn be with the development of the next Battlefield game? Thanks.

Here’s what EA CEO Andrew Wilson had to say:

Good question on Vince and Battlefield V. You might recall that we announced that Vince was leading a creative council for the organization. What this creative council does it kind of operates like a brain trust like was happening at Pixar and really brings creative leaders across the company together to review and comment, be constructive, and help and provide insight across the broad set of creative initiatives that we have going on.

And Vince is very proactive in that and very involved in that and that’s having a tremendous impact across the company and helping us drive this kind of aligned focused push against both quality and execution.

With him taking on DICE LA, traditionally DICE LA have been supporting DICE Stockholm, but they have a great creative team there and great creative leadership and have also been incubating some other things and we’re very excited about those things and Vince will be deeply involved in those as he takes on leadership of that.

And then with the leadership change that we made in Stockholm, we’ve got really strong traction against the next Battlefield game. I’m really — I talked about this last call. I’m really excited about what that team is doing. And David Rota who is leading the studios in Europe now is also having a really strong impact and the team is going to do some pretty amazing things. – Andrew Wilson, EA CEO

Yep, that’s a lot of words for something that neither confirmed or denied Zampella’s involvement. That said, I wouldn’t be shocked if Zampella and the DICE LA crew did help out with the next Battlefield game, or developed their own spin-off of it. Or maybe, fully revive a dormant first-person IP like Medal of Honor?

I admit, the thought of the former Infinity Ward boss helping to make a military shooter is a very intriguing prospect.

Would you want Zampella involved in a Battlefield game or should they stick to their own franchises? Let us know down in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Next Battlefield Game Confirmed for Next-Gen, EA Mum on Vince Zampella’s Involvement

  1. Let’s all hope two things, first, that it’s either a Vietnam or Modern Warfare game, second, that the SJW soyboi Devs who worked on BFV won’t get a hand on it.

    1. If DICE knows what their player base wants, they’ll make it modern. I just want regular guns, equipment and such, man! XD

      1. If they had a clue what we wanted they would bring back BC2 destruction and flesh it out. Not dial it back like they did.

  2. So to condense this whole article down to one sentence… “It’s confirmed, the next Battlefield game will run on the Playstation 5… whenever the PS5 ships.”

    See how easy that was! And saves PC monitor electricity.

  3. 1 lacked good maps and balance.
    V wasn’t liked by much of anyone.
    4 had all kinds of broken mechanics, fixes took way to long to come around.
    Destruction got taken out back, not a fan of that. It’s sad when people would probably be more happy with a copy pasted Bad Company 2. My expectations for the next title are low.

  4. Doesn’t really matter anyway. I’m fed up with political lectures and woke crap, and these Swedes in combination with EA are a terrible mixture. Not just woke stuff. Laying the blame of American atrocities in the Gulf at the door of the ‘evil Russkies’ was a step too far in the last COD. Whatever BF6 is, we can expect bald-faced propaganda. We might even have the devs call us stupid again, if we don’t agree with it.

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