Battlefield V Developer Q&A Happening on Reddit for Lightning Strikes Update #2 and You Can Still Submit Your Questions Now

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With Battlefield V, DICE has gone to great lengths to communicate with the community, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. If you have a question regarding Battlefield V’s latest update (full patch notes here), then you’re in luck! DICE is holding an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit, where people can ask any stuff related to the Lightning Strikes update #2!

DICE AMAA – Jaqub Ajmal, Ryan McArthur, and Florian Le Bihan talk Chapter 2 Update #2 and More from BattlefieldV

Here’s the Reddit thread where you can see the questions, and throw yours in, but bear in mind that there is no guarantee that every question will be answered. Answering the questions will be DICE devs Florian LeBihan, Jaqub Ajmal, and Ryan McArthur, who will be online later today at 9 a.m. t 11 a.m. PST.

If you can’t make it or send in a question, don’t fret. MP1st will round up all the pertinent info once we can.

Hopefully, one of the things addressed in the Q&A will be the new bugs introduced in the new patch. DICE is also seeking feedback on the game’s maps in order to improve on them too.


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