Battlefield V: DICE Addressing Enemy Visibility, Cites It’s a “Key Problem”

battlefield 5 update 4.6 patch notes

If you’re playing Battlefield V, chances are you’ve come across an instance or two where you can’t properly make out the enemy from the environment. If you have, you’re not alone, and DICE knows about the Battlefield 5 enemy visibility problem.

Over on Twitter, Multiplayer Producer David Sirland tweeted that DICE will address visibility, though they’re not bringing back “Doritos” (the old spotting system where each marked enemy had a little triangle like a Dorito on their heads) anytime soon.

We are going to address visibility – it’s a key problem area and priority. Not taking back Doritos any time soon tho, it’s nice being able to flank and having to check your corners etc. But it’s not nice not seeing someone you look straight at those times and on specific maps

As someone who has a hard time making out enemies from the environments, I approve of this change. How would you want DICE to fix it? Or do you feel that it’s part of the game and they shouldn’t touch it at all?

In other Battlefield V news, go check out the deep dive look at the game’s netcode to see why the time-to-kill is affected by the network. Don’t forget, there’s a holiday gift for players given by DICE as well, which you should definitely get.

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5 thoughts on “Battlefield V: DICE Addressing Enemy Visibility, Cites It’s a “Key Problem”

  1. Hi Alex, this is a great read and thank you for reporting it. Agree totally, It’s very hard on occasion to make out enemies, in particular grey uniforms against grey building textures

    1. I found messing with brightness helped me. Especially for dark rooms and corners. It was an adjustment, just like BF1. But I feel that’s what the right use of camo comes into play, so I wouldn’t change anything. Just have to approach more cautiously instead of storming in like Rambo (which is my problem, ha!)

  2. It’s a tough balance to get right, why do uniforms have camouflage choices in the first place if you can use them to blend into the surrounding environment? But then you have to remember it’s a game so you can’t make it too hard for the players to spot the little flankers sneaking up the sides.

  3. Let me guess, aliens arrive and drop the blueprints for a FLIR or IRNV so the kiddies can have their rapid target acquisition crutch?

  4. I think addressing the accidental swapping of guns, during revives, is more of an issue than the visibility problem

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