Battlefield 5 Game Modes Being Cut Out, Pit Crew Skin Issue Was a “Bug”

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In the most recent Battlefield 5 Community Broadcast, DICE has announced that some Battlefield 5 game modes are being cut, and it’s mostly due to these modes not being popular enough.

Here’s what DICE had to say about the modes, and which modes are being cut:


Over the past several weeks, we have given a lot of thought to the topic of how many Game Modes are presently available as fixed residents in Battlefield V. Through both our own deliberations and careful review of the data available to us, we’ve decided to remove the dedicated playlists for Frontlines and Domination. This will take effect this week.

Both playlists are highlighted as being significantly less popular, and a lot less populated when compared to more established modes like Conquest. Our preference is to ensure that we are adding to the fun rather than creating frustration, and that the always on game modes in Battlefield V meet our own expectations in terms of quality.

We’re now going to be more proactive in removing the modes that don’t meet these standards, in favor of instead investing more resources in both featuring, developing, and improving newer and refreshed experiences like Rush, Grind, Fortress, and Outpost.

We believe that fans of Domination will be best served through Squad Conquest (which will be expanded to include Mercury, Narvik, and Devastation this Summer).

Frontlines will continue to exist in Grand Operations, and will still be joinable as a Grand Operation mode via the Server Browser. We’re currently exploring the possibility of redesigning Frontlines and reintroducing it at a later time, as well as cycling the mode back into the game via Tides of War. We’ll look to follow up with our thoughts around this in late June.

We may look to re-feature both of these modes in the future, as part of mixed game mode rotations that compliment new content drops ,or as weekly experiences in the Tides of War, but only if we believe that doing so would add something positive to your game experience.

Conquest, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch otherwise remain as they are today, and will continue to support alongside the Tides of War. We are taking a look at Breakthrough and Grand Operations to see what improvements we can make to these modes, but we’re happy to keep these in the active rotation for now as we can see how popular they are.

I’ll also mention that this week we’re creating a dedicated Mercury Playlist, which begins on Conquest, and switches to Breakthrough. We missed out on doing this back when Panzerstorm launched, and we appreciate everyone that fed back on this so that we could make it happen this time around.

Next week we’ll swap this 64 Player Mercury only playlist for a playlist that stays on Mercury, but features other, smaller modes.

Similar to what we’ve done with Conquest and Breakthrough recently, we’re also keen to remix the order in which you play maps on TDM and Squad Conquest to ensure that your sessions on each server are longer, and more fun. We welcome any suggestions that you might have here on Reddit, on the official Battlefield ForumsTwitterFacebook, or Discord.

Also of note, remember when we posted that story last week where a soldier skin was originally obtainable via in-game currency, but was then made to be only be obtainable via microtransactions? Apparently, that was a “bug” according to DICE.

Some may recall that during Battlefield V Overture, this skin became available for a short time for Company Coins and the skin was also classified as Uncommon.

This was a bug and not intended.

This skin was removed from the Armory as it was not tagged correctly nor did it show the correct value of the skin.

With the recent Armory update, we brought the Pit Crew soldier customization set back at its originally intended classification and Battlefield Currency value.

The Battlefield Team

Finally, DICE has mentioned that we’ll soon get news regarding an increase in rank! Here’s what to expect from DICE in the next seven days in terms of communications and updates.

  • Ranks Increase – I will be back before Friday this week to tell you all about this. For real this time. I’ve been waiting to get confirmation on when exactly to expect the changes that we’ll be announcing this week before bringing you the full details. We’re now confident that we have that so on Thursday or Friday, you’ll get all of that info straight from me.
  • Stuttering and Performance – Our QA teams are getting closer to nailing down the issues causing this problem, and then proposing a fix with our development teams. I’m in Stockholm all week working with the team on this one, so by no later than next Tuesday I’ll have a full update for you all on this topic. For now, please know that we are working on this as a high priority.

Of course, the Battlefield 5 news doesn’t stop there. Just yesterday, we posted a big leak regarding the US and JP factions and how the respawn feature is coming to Firestorm.

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Chance MacAlister
Chance MacAlister
4 years ago

They’re removing game modes to funnel more people together from their minuscule player base. Plain and simple. EA DICE never made this game to be successful in terms of having large numbers of copies sold or attracting a large player base. They made it to promote some kind of political and/or social agenda that is stuck in their craw. It’s a loss for the people who enjoyed the Battlefield series up until this change in culture at EA DICE.

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