Battlefield V: One of the Melee Kill Animations Is a Headbutt to the Enemy, Watch It Now

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One of the new features introduced by DICE in the Battlefield franchise is the introduction of one-hit, melee kill animations that started in Battlefield 3, and has been present in every Battlefield game since then. While it’s still in Battlefield V, it seems there’s a new, different kind of melee kill animation in the game, and that’s a headbutt!

Check out this quick gif posted by Reddit user no_thats_bad of an enemy getting headbutted to death!

via Gfycat

Given how the victim’s perspective shifts involuntarily when they’re melee killed, it must be a sight to behold to be on the receiving end of this kind of pain, no?

Have you seen this headbutt of death melee animation in the game? Or have you been a victim of it?

In other Battlefield V news, the Panzerfaust is getting nerfed according to DICE! We also ran a feature where we talk about the game’s new modes as the replacement of Rush.

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