Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Content Showcased in New Trailer

battlefield 5 operation metro

With Battlefield V: Tides of War Chapter 2 – Lightning Strikes set to start this week for all Battlefield V players, some might be wondering what’s in the new expansion.

Well, wonder no more! EA has released a new Battlefield 5 Lightning Strikes trailer, and in it, we see the new content players will be able to experience! From new vehicles, to new challenges, and even a new Grand Operation! Prepare for a ton of new stuff!

Battlefield V Update – Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, starts this week for all Battlefield V players. Featuring a new co-op mode Combined Arms (available from February), new Company Gear, weapons, vehicles, and the return of Rush mode.

Speaking of new content, DICE has released the full patch notes for this week’s big January update ahead of the actual patch!

Click here to see what DICE has planned for this week in terms of news and announcements, or check out this fan-made Battlefield short film that needs to be seen if you’re a real Battlefield fan.

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