Battlefield V Upcoming News and Announcements for Next Week Outlined, Q&A Posted

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Another week has wrapped up, and with that, DICE has once again posted a round up of this past week’s Battlefield V news and announcements (official stuff). If you’re curious what’s coming next week, you’ve come to the right place!

Outlined below are the official Battlefield 5 upcoming news and announcements, which is highlighted by the release of Tides of War chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

Sneak Peek into Next Week

  • Launch
    • Battlefield Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Launches – All-new content and missions coming next week!
  • Trailer
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Trailer – Hot new trailer coming to celebrate the upcoming release.
  • Update
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Update – Alongside Chapter 2’s release, Battlefield V will also receive an update that resolves some outstanding issues, provides additional balance improvements, and more. We’ll provide you with the full Update Notes early next week.
  • Blogs
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update Notes
    • Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Frequently Asked Questions
    • Everything You Need to Know About Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes
    • Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Squad Conquest Mode
  • Web
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lighting Strikes Landing Page
  • Livestreams
    • Battlefield Weekly Hosted by EA UK – Tune in as the EA UK Battlefield Community Team plays through the new content available in Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.

Q&A with DICE

  • Upcoming Battlefield V Update
    • When does the next Battlefield V update come out?
      • Jaqub Ajmal, Producer: If all goes as planned, it will roll out on January 15th.
    • When can we expect to see update notes for the next Battlefield V update?
      • JA: We would like the Update Notes to be release on January 14th. However, we started talking a little bit about the changes today, giving you something to look forward to next week.
  • Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes
    • When we will learn more about Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes?
      • Dan Mitre, Global Community Manager: We just released a teaser trailer this week as we pave way to a full trailer and more information early next week.
  • Tides of War
    • What’s up with the missions not tracking requirement completions correctly?
      • JA: This is a bug that we are investigating with high priority. We want to highlight that there is a risk that we may not have a fix in time to coincide with the Chapter 2 release due to the complexity and amount of time it’s taking to troubleshoot this issue (although the proposed structure mentioned early in this article still applies). However, at the same time, we know that the Tides of War progression does work for many players as well, so we had to make a difficult decision of making the call to start the Tides of War progression as planned as we have also heard many players that they really want more things to do in-game.
    • Will players get the ability to earn their missed in-game items due to missions not tracking properly?
      • JA: We are currently investigating what the best solution for this would be as we don’t want anyone to lose out on items due bugs. We will get back to you when we have a proper solution.
  • Balancing
    • Vehicle balance is currently all over the place, both on ground and in the air. Is this being evaluated? What is the current design philosophy?
      • JA: We have done some adjustments in the next update releasing next week. These will be highlighted in the update notes. Please continue to give us your feedback after you have had a chance to play the next update for a few hours.
  • UI
    • Will the End of Round screen continue to get refined? I’m having issues with understanding how much Company Coin I earned, what I unlocked, and how much XP I received.
      • JA: Once we have resolved the issue with the Company Coins not always being awarded, we will be looking at what we can do to improve EoR screen further. Please be aware that we currently have an issue with the Company Coins being shown on the End of round screen not always being correct.
  • Company Coin
    • Is the Company Coin earn rate the same in all game modes?
      • JA: As there is a difference between the amount of points players score at average between each mode, we aim to balance the amount of scores to be somewhat equal based upon your effort in each mode. This means that the Company Coins earned per mode and the score that you get might differ depending on what mode you play.
    • Is there a max Company Coin you can earn per day by playing?
      • JA: We will aim to monitor and keep tweaking these numbers as we start to see how players earn CC across modes to keep it even and not give any mode an advantage over the other when it comes to earning Company Coins.

For more Battlefield V news, make sure to check out our sneak peek of next week’s patch, as well as confirmation that SMGs are getting buffed.

Source: Reddit