Battlefield V Upcoming Patch Improves Footstep Audio, Panzer 1-Hit Kill on Planes & More, Scheduled for Next Week

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It’s no secret that DICE has been working tirelessly for Battlefield V’s big January update. While we don’t know what exactly this Battlefield 5 upcoming patch will bring, we know it’ll be hefty as it’s already at 10-pages long.

Fortunately for us, DICE has seen it fit to release tiny bits of info regarding the upcoming patch! Over on Twitter, Producer Jaqub Ajmal has mentioned that the patch is scheduled for next week “if things go according to plan.” Not only that, but he sent out a series of tweets that talks about some of the improvements coming to the title update!

Battlefield V – As you know already we are working on releasing our next update next week if all goes according to plan. We also plan to release our update notes next week which as usual goes into all the details. But before that me and want to give you a small glimpse.

For the series of tweets regarding the upcoming tweaks and changes, here’s a screenshot for an easier read (via Reddit):

Sounds promising, right? DICE has also posted a letter apologizing to fans about the game’s Company Coin issue, which you can read about here.