Battlefield V January Update First Draft Is Already Almost 10 Pages Long

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While it is the holidays, DICE is still busy tweaking away at Battlefield V. In case you had any doubt, there will be a Battlefield 5 January update, which we expect to include fixes, and improvements across the board.

Over on Twitter, Producer Jaqub Ajmal revealed that his first draft of the Battlefield 5 January update is almost 10 pages long!

Given it’s just the first draft, the chances of this Battlefield V update going over 10 pages is almost a certainty. It’s not really that surprising, mind, given that the December update was over 14-pages long.

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What are we expecting from the January update? Maybe the implementation of the bipod fix which we’ve been given a sneak peek at, and there’s also the vaulting and soldier animations that DICE has confirmed is being worked on. Who knows? Maybe even enemy visibility will be part of the fix, which I hope it is.

What do you hope gets fixed in the Battlefield V title update?

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