Battlefield V: DICE Explains Why Quitting a Game Takes So Long, Cites Map Loading as Main Cause

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Have you ever finished a match in Battlefield V and wanted to back out? Chances are, that happens to everyone, right? Did you find that quitting in the game (not mid-match) but after a match in the progression screen takes so long? If so, you’re not the only one with this Battlefield 5 quit game issue, and DICE knows about it!

As part of the other day’s Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), a user asked DICE if they can explain why it takes so long to quit a game, and here’s what Producer Jaqub Ajmal’s explanation:

As I understand it, the reason why it takes so long is because we already start to load in the next level on the end of round screen, and currently we have some technical limitations with aborting the load process. It’s something we of course would like to fix at some point but I do not have an ETA at the moment.

Yep, it’s mostly due to the map being loaded for the next match. No, it’s not DICE not wanting you to back out or anything nonsensical. Will it get fixed? Let’s hope so.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE admits that the game still has an enemy visibiltiy problem, which the studio is currently tweaking. If you want to learn more about Battlefield V’s netcode and why it feels inconsistent sometimes, go check out this in-depth look.