Battlefield V Medic Class Will Get Something This Holiday From DICE


In case you didn’t know or didn’t see the latest news, DICE has initiated the Battlefield V holiday gift program that sees two new weapons that can be obtained for free!

While that’s all well and good, the guns being given away are only for the Support and Assault classes, and nothing for the Medic class, which is already in need of any firepower they can get given the submachinegun’s (SMGs) apparent pitiful power in the game.

Thankfully, all is not lost! Over on Twitter, a user asked DICE Multiplayer Producer David Sirland whether the Medic class will be getting anything this Christmas, to which Sirland answered with a short but sweet, “yes.”

No news yet on just what this present for the Medic class will be. Maybe a way for the med crate to auto heal when people are near it like in past versions of the game since no one picks up med packs from it anyway? Once we know what it is, we’ll let our readers know.

In other Battlefield V news, go check out this sneak peek of the improved bipod mechanics for the Support class’ guns!

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