DICE: Battlefield V Beta Netcode Issues Affected Time to Death, Making It “Better” Than BF1 Is the Goal

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One of the issues we touched upon in our Battlefield V beta impressions piece ere the time to kill, and time to death, and how fast it seemed compared to past Battlefield games. It seems there’s a good reason for that, and it’s due to the netcode.

In the latest Dev Talks episode, DICE Multiplayer Producer for Battlefield V David Sirland confirmed that netcode issues, packet loss are some of the things to blame for the fast time to death experienced by players. Sirland comments that players got more damage than they should have in one game update due to packet loss, netcode and delays and high rate of fire weapons.

The studio is starting a “little strike team” to fix this issue, and their goal is to make it “better” than what players experienced in Battlefield 1. In the developer chat, DICE also explains that the weapon upgrade system is also another attribute that added to the high time to kill (TTK).

This is good news, right? Unless you really liked the Battlefield V beta’s insanely fast time to kill and time to death. This isn’t all that DICE is tweaking based on beta feedback, as the studio also confirmed that they are adding “distance haze” to make differentiating enemies from the background a tad easier. Don’t forget to check out the Battlefield V beta stats released by DICE in order to see which class was the most used, and more.

Did you like the Battlefield V beta’s high TTK? Do you think DICE will be able to resolve this netcode issue before the game hits retail this November 20?