Battlefield 5 New LMG Is the Reward for This Week’s Challenges. Here’s What They Are

battlefield 5 new lmg

If you’re looking forward to getting that Battlefield 5 new LMG the LS/26 that we posted gameplay of a few weeks ago, now’s your chance!  For completing the Weekly Challenges for Battlefield 5, you’ll be rewarded with this new LMG! Granted, you’ll need to be playing Squad Conquest, but at least it’s a free new weapon, right?

Below are the Weekly Challenges requirements for each task, as well as a quick description of the LS/26 LMG.

Lockdown – 4,500 Chapter XP

Capture 2 Objectives.

*(OPTIONAL) Valkyrie – 10,000 Chapter XP

Down, Kill or Driver Assist 1 enemy while seated in a Kolibri synchropter in Firestorm.

Fighting for a Cause – 10,000 Chapter XP

Earn 1500 score in one round.

Pulling Your Weight – 10,000 Chapter XP

Get 10 squad assists or kills while attacking objectives.

Naked Force – 10,000 Chapter XP

Deal 2000 damage using Assault Rifles or Semi-Auto Rifles.

Tank Repairman – 10,000 Chapter XP

Repair your teammates vehicles for 150 health.

One for All – 10,000 Chapter XP

Revive squadmates or be revived by squadmates 20 times.

Lead Farmer – 10,000 Chapter XP

Kill, down, or suppression assist 20 enemies.

Toe the Line – 10,000 Chapter XP

Complete 5 squad orders.

Zero-Sum Game – 25,000 Chapter XP

Kill or down enemies or revive teammates 40 times.

(OPTIONAL) New Noisy Toy – 10,000 Chapter XP

Suppress or kill 30 enemies with the LS/26.

“The Lahti-Saloranta M26 was a Finnish firearm used during World War II with optional ammo storage – a regular magazine or a drum. Nicknamed “Assorted Mistakes”, it was a relatively heavy LMG, hard to clean due to its 188 parts, and low ammo capacity. However, in the hands of a proficient gunner, it was exceptionally accurate.” – Wikipedia

You can check out the rest of the week’s official news and announcements right here.

Source: Reddit

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