Battlefield V New Reinforcements Available and Here’s What They Are

battlefield 5 new reinforcements

One of the new things introduced in Battlefield V by DICE is the introduction of “what it calls “Reinforcements;” these are point-based bonuses that can be called a squad leader provided they have accrued enough squad points to do so.

As part of yesterday’s patch, DICE has rolled out a few Battlefield 5 new Reinforcements! Curious what the are? Check out the image below to see the artillery strike and the smoke bomb accessible in the in-game Reinforcements wheel (via Reddit)!

In other Battlefield V news, new info has surfaced regarding the game’s battle royale mode called Firestorm! We know now that it’ll feature classes, three variant modes and more!

Want to see how devastating a V1 Rocket is when it hits? Here’s a video of it decimating the enemy team.

Have you tried the new Battlefield 5 Reinforcements yet? What do you make of ’em so far?

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