Battlefield V Info for the Week Includes Another Q&A, Next Week’s Focus Will Be Maps, Tides of War

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As part of DICE’s on-going communications with the player base, the studio does a weekly “debrief” of info that got revealed, and what’s set to come the following week.

Battlefield Global Community Manager Dan Mitre posted this week’s debrief, and it includes another Q&A, as well as the focus for next week, which will be more Tides of War info, and a look at the game’s maps.

First up, here are some of the need-to-know info that got announced this week.

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Coming Next Week

  • Video – Battlefield V Dev Talks #5: Tides of War – We sit down with DICE Developers as we discuss the Battlefield V live service.
  • Blog – The Progression System and Economy of Battlefield V – Learn about ranks, rewards, and the currencies of Battlefield V.
  • Focus – PC Week – More details on PC support including how to play, early access, and PC minimum and recommended specs.
  • Focus – The Maps of Battlefield V – We showcase the maps available at launch.
  • Blog Feedback – Battlefield V: Launch is Just the Beginning
    • Chapters
      • Will we see more chapters after the first three?
      • Ryan McArthur (Producer): The plan is to keep adding chapters throughout the multi-year live service we’ve committed to.
    • Weapons
      • Can you detail how many weapons we’ll get with each new chapter?
      • RM: It will depend on the chapter focus. We want to add new hardware to support the theme. We can’t commit to specific numbers yet. We will confirm numbers as we get closer the start of each season.
    • Vehicles
      • Can you detail how many new vehicles we’ll get with each new chapter?
      • RM: Same as above. We can’t commit to specific numbers yet. We will confirm numbers as we get closer to the start of each season.
    • Factions
      • Can you detail how many new Factions are introduced through the first 3 chapters?
      • RM: Battlefield V only has two factions (Axis/Allies) through the first chapters. We will add new cosmetics and hardware from various armies in each faction and will provide more detail as we get close to the launch of that content.
    • Maps
      • Will every new location drop one or two new maps? Such as, does Belgium get 2 new maps with its Grand Operations? Does Greece get two new maps with its Grand Operations?
      • RM: Players will get one map currently for the ones we have planned (Belgium and Greece). We’ll provide more details about Grand Operations attached as we get closer to launching the content.
      • How many maps are being introduced throughout the first 3 chapters?
      • RM: You will get two: Panzerstorm in Chapter 1 and Greece in Chapter 3.
    • Modes
      • Can we get any more details on what to expect with Squad Conquest?
      • David Sirland (Producer): If you’ve played 16 player conquest in Battlefield 2, or liked playing 8v8 in BF4, this is the mode for you. A smaller, slower paced, more tactical 2x squad vs 2x squad mode including one specific vehicle per side and layout.
      • Will Grand Operations be available at launch?
      • DS: Yes, all our locations will have their respective Grand Operations available at launch (4 total).
      • Can you explain how the new Grand Operations for the second chapter will work if we only received one additional map at this point?
      • DS: With the flexible system in place for Grand Operations, we will be able to do cool stuff here. We’ll get into more details on exactly what this means, and what it changes in terms of gameplay as we get closer to it.
    • Netcode
      • What tickrate are servers launching with?
      • DS: PC: 60hz, Console 30hz.
  • Blog Feedback – Pre-Order Battlefield V and Outfit Your Company
    • Origin Access Premier
      • I already have Origin Access Premier. Does that count as a pre-order? Do I get the Enlister Offer extras or do I have pre-order Battlefield V specifically to get those?
      • RM: Yes!
    • Sets
      • When will we get a sneak peek at the Paratrooper sets?
      • Dan Mitre (Global Community Manager): Working on it! We’ll get you a screenshot of what to expect soon.
      • If I have Origin Access Premier for 1 month, what happens to the skins I had access to? Do I get to keep the skins or am I “renting” them out?
      • RM: Once you have the items in your inventory they are yours.
    • Airlift Items
      • I still don’t understand how that 20 weekly items will work. Does that mean we’ll have access to 20 new items every week? Or just 1 item for 20 weeks?
      • RM: You will get one item each week, for 20 weeks.

Same as before, check back here on MP1st for the latest Battlefield V news.