Battlefield 5 Next Update Set to Roll Out Tomorrow, Here’s What’s in It

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While DICE just released a Battlefield 5 patch last week, the Battlefield 5 next update is set to be rolled out tomorrow, which is expected given the previous announcement by the studio. What’s in it? Not a lot, actually, but it will enable the Marita map, and two Elite soldier skins, and that’s pretty much it.

The Battlefield 5 next update is estimated to be around 500MB on Xbox One, 300MB on PC, and while there’s no confirmed file size for the PS4, I suspect it’ll be close to the XB1 file size.

Here’s the Battlefield 5 next update roll out schedule (no downtime expected):

  • PC –       1AM PT // 4AM ET // 9AM BST // 10AM CEST
  • PS4 –     2AM PT // 5AM ET // 10AM BST // 11AM CEST
  • Xbox –   3AM PT // 6AM ET // 11AM BST // 12PM CEST

While there’s no expected downtime, players should restart the game in order to start the download and install. Those interested in playing the Marita map, DICE will have a playlist available.

Marita will then go live at 12PM CEST on all Platforms, and we will activate a Marita only playlist at this time. The playlist will rotate between 1 Round of Conquest, and 2 Rounds of Breakthrough (Attack/Defend) on this Map only. Marita will otherwise be included in the full rotations of Conquest, Breakthrough, and Team Deathmatch (appearing after Arras in Conquest, after Devastation in Breakthrough, and after Al Sundan on TDM) at this same time.

Starting August 8, DICE will launch a newer Marita playlist live for 32-player modes that switches from Domination, Frontlines, and Team Deathmatch (TDM).

DICE has also mentioned how there is a known issue while certain weapon skins are equipped in the Marita map.

Known Issue – Through testing on Marita, we’ve discovered a minor issue whilst certain Weapon Skins are equipped in the Receiver slot.  Under certain circumstances, an overly bright reflection from the Sun can cause an unintentional Glare effect that’s present with Aiming Down Sight. This is most prominent when a reflective skin is applied (e.g. Gold Plated, White Tiger, Blued etc.), and can be lessened by switching to a different skin in your Receiver slot.

Examples of the most extreme instances of this are shown below (under both of the maps weather conditions).

Marita – When played in it’s normal state:

Marita – When played during it’s Weather State:

Same as always, once the patch is out, we’ll let our readers know ASAP.

In other Battlefield 5 news, go check out some of the upcoming weapons set to come to the shooter, which were unearthed via datamined info.

Source: Reddit