Battlefield V Overture Update Patch Set for Tomorrow Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

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While there’s already a trailer out hyping the Battlefield V Tides of War chapter 1 Overture content that’s set for tomorrow, it seems that trailer was released a bit prematurely, as DICE has now confirmed that the update set for tomorrow has been pushed back!

This was revealed during the Battlefield V Overture livestream that took place earlier today! Unfortunately, no specific date or schedule has been given when the update will be rolled out other than an announcement will be made tomorrow. Given how the patch is supposedly 14-pages long, I gather, it’s one chunky update, which means a lot of variables can go wrong. While the patch will most likely fix a few bugs found in the game, DICE has already confirmed that the bug where players show up on the mini map after every kill won’t be fixed with this latest update, though that might change given the delay.

It’s unclear whether we’ll still see any sort of title update, hotfix or whatnot tomorrow, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled just in case.

Are you surprised at the delay? What do you think is the cause of all this?