Battlefield 5 Down for Most People Worldwide, EA Investigating (Update)

battlefield 5 missing cosmetics


The official EA Help account has announced that they are seeing improvements across services, and the team is still working to restore everything back to normal. We’ll post an update again once we have them.

Original Story:

If you’re trying to log in to Battlefield 5 but noticed that Battlefield 5 down time is happening, or you simply can’t connect, don’t fret! It’s not you, it’s EA’s servers. Over on Twitter, the official EA Help account announced that connectivity problems are plaguing EA’s games, and we’ll get an update once there’s progress.

I can confirm first-hand that servers are either not connecting, or are having super laggy connections, which is par for the course when a game is having issues with its connectivity. Once servers are back up, we’ll let our readers know.

While you’re waiting, you might want to take part in DICE’s new official Battlefield 5 survey. If you’re not interested in that, go check out what’s in store for this October’s Battlefest.

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