Battlefield V Platoon Features Will Be Available at Launch, Emblems Won’t Be

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DICE has confirmed that Battlefield V platoon features will be available at launch! This as announced today by Battlefield Global Community Manager Dan Mitre.

Here’s his entire message (via Reddit):

Hi Battlefield V Community,

Apologies. I had communicated inaccurate details in regards to Platoon support at BFV launch.

We will have similar Platoon features as seen in BF1. However, Platoon emblems will not be in at launch.

Your Platoon tab will be visible in-game, but your name will not show up in the game like it did in BF1 (such as on your squad name, on flags, in Best Squad screen).

We will have more information as we expand this tool set through the Tides of War.

It sounds like DICE will continually improve Battlefield V platoon features as part of the game’s live services approach.

In other Battlefield V news, check out our first look at Final Stand gameplay! We also posted the latest trailer that showcased all of the game’s maps that will be available at launch.

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