Battlefield V Single-Player Trailer Hitting Tomorrow, Actor Mark Strong Doing Voice Over Work for the Game

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As we reported this past weekend, DICE will be diving deep into Battlefield V’s War Stories (the mode it calls its single-player campaign) this week. Case in point: a new Battlefield V single-player trailer is dropping tomorrow!

This was announced by the official Battlefield Twitter earlier today.

Not only that, but it’s now been revealed that actor Mark Strong (Kingsman, Shazam) is doing voice-over work for the game too! If you ever wanted to hear Mark Strong say, “play the fucking objective” in his stern voice, you’ll be able to now!

This isn’t the first time Mark Strong has lent his voice to a video game, as he was also in 2011’s Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine too.

Check out this in-depth Q&A DICE has published where the studio talks about the game’s weapons and vehicles.

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