Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest Loading Issue Addressed by DICE

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With last week’s Battlefield 5 patch, DICE not only introduced the Chapter 6 content, but it also managed to break one of the game’s modes too. Currently, there’s a Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest loading issue, and DICE has addressed it.

For those unaware, the Battlefield 5 Squad Conquest loading issue is a bug wherein the match fails to load, leaving the player on a long loading screen, before they’re kicked back out into the main menu.

Over on the Battlefield 5 subreddit, DICE Community Manager PartWelsh posted a message acknowledging the Squad Conquest loading issue, though there’s no proper fix yet. To make sure players don’t experience this, DICE has opted to remove the following maps from the Squad Conquest rotation.

  •  Fjell
  • Narvik
  • Arras
  • Devastation
  • Hamada
  • Rotterdam

The maps will be available in other game modes, presently, the studio is testing a fix which the studio is expecting to roll out in Battlefield 5 patch 6.2.

Once we know more details about this, we’ll let our readers know.

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