Battlefield V Starting Weapons for Each Class Revealed

battlefield 5 unreleased weapons

With EA seemingly jumping the gun when it comes to the roll out of Battlefield V’s tutorial videos (which you can watch here), there’s an inadvertent side effect that stemmed from it, as we now know the Battlefield V starting weapons for each class!

This was revealed by Battlefield YouTuber LevelCap, in the Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4 “Watch” section of the game which is promoting Battlefield V. Here are the Battlefield V starting weapons for each of the four classes.

  • Assault – Sturmgewehr 1-5
  • Support – KE7
  • Medic – Sten
  • Scout – Lee Enfield No. 4 Mk1

Unlike in the Battlefield V beta, it seems the powerful STG rifle won’t be available out of the gate, which is good thing if the weapon is still as good as it was then. Speaking of weapons, you can check out the list of all the available weapons and equipment at launch, right here. We even compared how that initial list of weapons stack up against the other games in the franchise, which you ought to check out.

Source: Reddit

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True FF Fan
True FF Fan
4 years ago

Nobody cares, at all, not even a little bit (well, mindless liberals might care, but they don’t matter.)

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