Tons of Battlefield V Leaked Videos Detail Fortifications, Customization and Lots More!

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It seems that someone handling the Battlefield media roll out has jumped the gun, as a ton of Battlefield V footage from Battlefield YouTubers can now be viewed in the actual game’s menu selection screen, but are not up in the channel creators’ channels just yet!

Based from the footage, it looks like the videos are part of EA’s “Boot Camp” series of videos for Battlefield V that teaches the player the basics. What exactly are these videos? Wonder no more, as we have them here just for you!

How to Build Fortifications

How to Customize Vehicles:

How to Customize Weapons:

How to Play as a Better Squad:

How to Play as the Recon Class:

How to Play as the Medic Class:

How to Play as the Support Class:

How to Revive:

How to Unlock Weapons:

Given how these videos aren’t supposed to be out just yet, or hasn’t been acknowledged by EA as being leaked, there is a chance of them being pulled. So watch them before it does, alright?

With the game’s early access release set for next week, a lot of info is making its way out! We reported yesterday that map voting in between matches won’t be available at launch, while platoons will be a feature that’ll be there at launch, but with a catch. We also posted our first look at Final Stand gameplay from the Grand Operations mode that you might want to check out too.