Battlefield Director Wants Studio to Get Into Linux, Needs One ‘Killer’ Game to ‘Kick Off’

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Battlefield Creative Director Lars Gustavsson would “strongly” like his studio to get into Linux and thinks it would really only take one “killer” game for the platform to “kick off”.

“We strongly want to get into Linux for a reason,” Gustavsson recently told Polygon. “It took Halo for the first Xbox to kick off and go crazy — usually, it takes one killer app or game and then people are more than willing [to adopt it] — it is not hard to get your hands on Linux, for example, it only takes one game that motivates you to go there.”

“I think, even then, customers are getting more and more convenient, so you really need to convince them how can they marry it into their daily lives and make an integral part of their lives,” he continued, explaining that DICE has used Linux servers for production because it was a “superior operating system to do so.”

Also based on Linux is Valve’s recently announce and upcoming SteamOS. Which the company hopes will introduce to gamers to a new way to play traditional PC games in the comfort of their own living room with the help of hardware like the Steam Machine and new Steam Controller.

Polygon asked for Gustavsson’s thoughts on Valve’s move.

“Basically for different ways of accessing customers and giving them possibilities of play, I think it is super exciting,” he ansered. “The only thing I know is that from five or ten years from now gaming and especially how you consume it won’t look like it does today. I do think with streaming services and new input devices and so on, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is less need of hardware and more on demand gaming experience.”

“I think, hopefully, competition usually means a better experience for the customer. Sometimes. You know, was the VHS tape better than BetaMax? VHS won,” he continued. “So it does not always go in the right direction but overall I think it is healthy with competition. It is truly welcomed, so that we can have better games in the future.”