Battlefield V Community Games Now Allows Tides of War Progression

battlefield v community games

Are you someone who plays in private servers (called “Community Games” by DICE) in Battlefield V? If so, chances are you’ve noticed how DICE doesn’t let players who play Battlefield V Community Games to earn Tides of War progression — at least until today.

In today’s big 6.2 patch, DICE not only rolled out a host of weapon and damage changes, but it now has allowed players to earn Tides of War progress in Community Games! This means that even if you’re playing in private servers, you can earn Chapter progress and in turn, rewards!

This is definitely good news for those who prefer to play specific game modes and maps, and not content with DICE’s official servers.

Let’s hope DICE continues listening to the community when it comes to Battlefield V changes and improvements.

Image source: Temporyal

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