BF3 – Longer to Rank Up in Final, Spawn System Tweaked, and Server Browsing for Consoles

Operation Metro

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve moved our Battlefield spotlight over to Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer at DICE. He’s become quite the popular guy with the amount of information that he’s been giving away lately. Recently, he’s been going over some more important changes from the Beta to the final version that not everyone might be aware of, especially those who did not make it to the LAN 6 event. So far, we’ve seen changes being made to the mini-map and firing an unsuppressed weapon, which you should check out before reading.

First and formost, a big concern from the Beta: the ranking system. You may have notice a number of players who quickly reached ranks beyond 45. By rank 45, a player should, technically, have all rank unlocks under his belt, with most likely a number of class and weapon unlocks. Many speculated that the ranking system was toned down in the Beta to allow players to be able to try out more unlocks. It turns out that this could be the case since Thylander has confirmed, “it’s takes a lot more to rank up in final.”

How many of you remember this: you’re on the attacking side on Operation Métro, you destroy the first set of MCOM stations, and you’re ordered to move into the métro system below ground. You would love to be able to move the match forward and move up, but you’re stuck outside due to all the spawn beacons left beside your new deployment area. You can’t move up because you have all these enemies to take care of who are spawning in your deployment. Many fans have shown this concern to DICE and it looks like Thylander has a response for us: in the final, “no one can spawn in the area that is no longer in their combat zone. Spawn beacons get disabled, and squad spawn turned off.”

For the consoles, one thing that was promised by DICE, but seemed to be missing from the beta was a functioning server browser to help us find the games we wanted. Instead, it gave us the choice of game-type and map à la Bad Company 2. These worries of DICE only including a basic matchmaking system can be put to rest as Thylander confirmed that “there is a fully featured server browser on console, as well as quickmatch-options for matchmade games.”

Lastly, I leave you with this interesting little fact from Thylander. “You can fit 3 of the biggest BC2 launch maps [in] operation firestorm. It’s huge. And it’s 2 homebases too, so that’s 7 bases.”

Are you guys happy with some of these changes being made regarding the ranking, spawn, and matchmaking systems? Let us know down below! Missed the latest news? Check out – More Evidence of a Battlefield 3 Day One Patch? and DICE Clarifies PC and Console Graphical Comparisons.

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