BF3 – Soldiers “Appear on the Map for a Short Time” When Firing an Unsuppressed Weapon

Earlier today, it was reported that you do not show up on the mini-map when firing an unsuppressed weapon in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

However, Ian Torny recently stated, “To clarify – You will appear on the map for a short time, but you will not be flagged/spotted,” referencing Fredrick Thylander’s statement, “It makes you light up on minimap for a split second. Add silencer to avoid it.”

This confirms a rumour that we reported on last night which you can check out here. While this mini-map feature has been included in previous Battlefield games, it was missing from the Beta build of Battlefield 3. This led many fans to believe that it may not be making it into the final version. This of course makes sense to have been added and gives more weight to decisions made when choosing weapon attachments. For example, do you want to attach a heavy barrel for more raw power, but show up on the mini map when firing, or sacrifice range for staying invisible on the mini map by adding a suppressor.

Unlike Battlefield: Bad Company 2, where suppressors were only available to the Engineer kit, Battlefield 3 allows you to attach suppressors to most weapon in the game, across the four different classes. This gives allows for a different style of play and more versatility among all classes.

What were some of your favorite attachments in the Battlefield 3 Beta, and what do you think you’ll be using in the final version? Let us know in the comment section below!

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