BioWare Asking for Anthem Audio Feedback, Demo Won’t Contain Final Polish or Optimizations

anthem update 1.41 patch notes

With the Anthem VIP demo set to kick off in less than 24 hours, BioWare is readying the ship, and is seeking feedback from the community.

Over on Reddit, BioWare Director of Audio Jeremie Voillot has posted a message asking the community for Anthem audio feedback, and confirms that the demo won’t include optimizations or the “final polish pass” gamers will see from the launch day build.

Anthem Weekends Audio Feedback Thread from AnthemTheGame

Hey fellow Freelancers! The demo is going to go live soon (stoked!), myself and the audio team are looking for feedback. We welcome any positive or constructive feedback from all of you!

The demo doesn’t contain our final polish pass or optimizations, but we are still hard at work on the numerous future patches that are coming trying to fine tune your audio experience.

Our goal was the deliver the most visceral, dynamic and responsive audio experience for our fans. We firmly believe iteration is the key to quality, so please tell us about your experience, and how we can make it even better!

Strong alone, stronger together!

I’ve played betas and demos before, but this might be the first time that a studio has requested feedback for the game’s audio, which is refreshing, to be honest.

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