BioWare Gives Anthem Demo Infinite Loading Glitch Workaround, EA Lists Current Issues Demo Has & It’s Not Pretty

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If you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to play the Anthem VIP demo, you’re not alone. As far as we know, all three platforms are suffering connectivity issues now, which BioWare says is not related to servers at all.

Now, if you did manage to connect, there’s another bug hindering you from playing, and it’s the Anthem demo infinite loading bug! From personal experience, I’ve encountered it  countless times regardless if I was trying to play an Expedition, Freeplay, etc. While no Anthem demo infinite loading glitch fix has been rolled out just yet, there is a workaround that I can confirm worked for me!

Executive Producer Mark Darrah shared the method on Twitter, and it involves hard quitting the game.

Not a fix, BUT: If you are hitting the 95% load hang Try quitting out and restarting. You may get a message, “Game server detected, do you want to rejoin?” say yes. That MAY get past the block. Again, not a fix, but it may get you past.

By “quitting,” this means you have to stop the application and reboot the game. Once you’ve entered the servers successfully, you’ll be asked if you want to rejoin your recent Expedition, and picking yes will take you out of the infinite loading screen of doom. Again, it’s not a fix, but it is a workaround that has worked for lots of people (including me).

In related Anthem demo news, the official EA support page has listed down the known Anthem demo issues, and it’s not pretty.

We’re currently tracking issues for the Anthem VIP Demo and the team is working very diligently to quickly resolve them. 
Here’s the current list of the most reported and known issues affecting some players.

  1. Infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition.
  2. Unable to get past the Anthem title screen.
  3. Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo.
  4. Some players are unable to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes.

At the time of this writing, over 11,000 people have reported to have encountered the same problems above, which isn’t something you want when you’re asking people to try your game out.

Have you managed to get into an Anthem game with a squad or randomly matched? What did you do to bypass the infinite loading glitch?

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