Black Ops Cold War Time to Kill Comparison Revealed; Official Intro Surfaces

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While we got a heaping dose of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer with this week’s reveal. that’s not going to stop anytime soon. Thankfully, content creators have access to the private alpha, which gives us new data like the Black Ops Cold War time to kill is now known!

If you saw the gameplay of Black Ops Cold War, you might be wondering how the time-to-kill (TTK) feels in comparison to say, last year’s Modern Warfare. Well, fortunately we don’t have to guess, as YouTuber Xclusive Ace is on the case! In his latest video, Ace did a side-by-sde TTK values comparison of Black Ops 4, Modern Warfare 2019, and Black Ops Cold War’s alpha build.

It seems we’ll be getting a quicker TTK than Black Ops 4, which is in line with past Call of Duty games. However, if you prefer Modern Warfare’s super fast TTK, then you’ll be out of luck with Black Ops Cold War. That said, don’t forget that this is from an alpha build of the game, and as such, things can change.

In addition to that, we also got our first look at the Black Ops Cold War intro. This was posted by Reddit user Mathiasxd148- which you can watch below.

Official Intro from blackopscoldwar

As you can see, Treyarch and Raven Software are showcased as the lead studios, with Beenox confirmed to be doing the PC version of the game, with High Moon Studios doing support duty. This is nothing new to the franchise, as Activision’s bevy of internal studios all pitch in every year to craft the annual shooter and its DLCs.

Black Ops Cold War will be released this November 13 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. There’s going to be a beta in October, with PS4 gamers getting first crack at it.

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