Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Builder Is Now Live

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For those of you anticipating Borderlands 2’s release, Gearbox has cooked up something to help make your wait a little bit more fun.

You can now plan out your future character’s skill tree through the interactive Skill Tree Builder on the official Borderlands 2 website. All you need to do is visit, click ‘Characters’ up in the navigation bar and then click the character you wish to use. From there, click on view skill tree and the Skill Tree Builder will load up.

This is extremely beneficial for the hardcore RPG gamers who like to see which tree offers the most effective upgrades to fit their play style. There is plenty to choose from, as Gearbox lets you know what each upgrade does specifically, the required level for that upgrade, as well as how many points it will cost to upgrade to a specific skill. Once you are finished with your build, you have the option of sharing it to your Facebook or Twitter profile.

Gearbox plans on upgrading the online Skill Tree Builder next week with a few upgrades that can be found below.

  • Direct links to builds to share with others
  • “Right Click” to remove points (For now you will need to “Reset” and start over if you want to misplace a point)
  • Sounds from in-game skill trees when adding points

How many of you plan on picking up Borderlands 2 to play Co-Op? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget that Borderlands 2 releases in the US on September 18th, and the UK on September 21st. Feel free to share your own personal builds with other fellow Pandora travelers below.