Bungie Hiring Destiny 2 Gameplay Specialist, Asking for Dedicated Players

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Bungie is hiring a Destiny 2 Gameplay Specialist who is able to “playtest and analyze games from a player point-of-view.” The role is focused specifically on Destiny 2 endgame content.

What’s more, Bungie isn’t looking for qualifications or experience in similar roles. The required skills only ask that players are hardcore Destiny 2 players, who can communicate effectively, and work both alone and as part of a team.

Here’s the complete list of responsibilities and required skills:


Participate in long-form, front-to-back, end-game Destiny 2 play
Analyze and assess systems and processes through gameplay
Track and communicate objective feedback and issues with an eye towards both end game specific, and game-holistic improvements


Significant Destiny and Destiny 2 experience, including end-game mastery
Excellent communicator both written and verbal
Ability to work effectively individually as well as with a small team


Has a wide range of classes represented in Destiny 2 (and Destiny)
Experience leading clans, large social groups, or teaching new players effective end game strategies

And here’s where you can apply!

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