Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Killstreaks Returning Confirmed, Here Are Some of the Ones in the Game

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Remember when we posted a rumor last month that mentioned how killlstrteaks are coming back and replacing scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?Not only that, but we even posted the alleged list too. Well, it seems both rumors are indeed true!

Over on Twitter, the official Call of Duty account confirmed that yes, Modern Warfare killstreaks are a thing, and even included a few of the ones included in the game! Check out the images below.

As you can see, these three killstreak rewards are the same ones mentioned n this list. The “Nuke” is supposed to be back again as well, which should delight old school Call of Duty fans.

While I’m liking what I’ve heard from Modern Warfare 2019 so far, my only concern with killstreaks coming back is how it will affect teamplay. Does this mean we can expect people not to play the objectives again since they don’t want to risk their ‘streaks getting reset? I sure hope Infinity Ward has some sort of compromise in place or playing Domination will be a slog.

In other Modern Warfare news, Infinity Ward says that the game customization will be “realistic and relevant,” which is refreshing change of pace from past titles in the franchise. Given how the rumors we posted before are all seemingly coming true, make sure to check out more of them below.

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