Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Have Teammates Feature Outlines So you Can See Them Through Walls

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare made a big change this year by not including an always active mini-map/radar, and while the community has been debating away whether or not they should add it back, one thing is certain that many can agree on is that there definitely should be a way to know where teammates are. Luckily, reps from both Infinity Ward and Activision have clarified that players will be able to see teammates through walls.

Taking to Twitter, Activision Ambassador of Third Party Marketing explained that we would be able to see our own teammates through walls, however the build that was presented at the event had been bugged, which is why it wasn’t present.

Art Director at Infinity Ward Joel Emslie also chimed in on this to further add on to this explanation.

If you want to see this in action, Game Informer, which has exclusive coverage throughout the month, have been posting new gameplay videos since the reveal from the build they played. In it, you can clearly see teammates are outlined when they go behind objects so it’s easier to keep track of where everybody is.

It’s open to debate whether this change will be embraced by the community, or whether Infinity Ward will somehow be forced to bring the mini map back if player demand is high enough. Based on the gameplay you’ve seen so far, do you think the mini map should be brought back, or can this teammate outline feature be enough?

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