Call of Duty Warzone Won’t Have an Engine Shift for Black Ops Cold War Integration

warzone black ops cold war

In case you didn’t know (though I doubt that), Activision is rolling its highly successful free-to-play battle royale game Call of Duty: Warzone into this year’s franchise entry, Black Ops Cold War. While Activision has already confirmed that we’ll see Warzone integrated into Black Ops Cold War in December, some might be wondering whether Warzone will transition to Black Ops Cold War’s game engine as well, or whether it’ll stick to the same one it’s currently using.

Fortunately, today, we have the answer to that question. Over on ResetEra forum thread, (verified) Activision Art Lead ShutterMunster confirmed that there won’t be an engine shift from Warzone. Here’s a screenshot of it which we took just in case it gets deleted or something:

While some might think that this is a no-brainer assumption given it’s a very tall order for an existing game to suddenly just shift or re-work its entire structure into a new game engine, it’s nice to know that we got confirmation of it finally.

In related Warzone to Black Ops Cold War news, Activision has confirmed that players will be able to choose between Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War loadouts in Warzone! Expect more details about this to come out very soon.

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