Capcom Revenue for Q1 FY 2024 Increases, Resident Evil Strongest With 146 Million Units Sold

Capcom Revenue Increases, Resident Evil Remains the Strongest Franchise

Capcom has released its results from Q1 Fiscal Year 2024, revealing a steady and encouraging year-over-year increase. With some franchises going strong from combined game sales and with a significant boost for its digital products, the Japanese company had in Street Fighter 6 one of the big hits of the aforementioned quarter, having sold over two million units cumulatively as of July 7, 2023. The total revenue for this quarter was $311.6 million, representing a 74% year-over-year growth, and a total of 13.5 million units sold, making up for an extra 1.8 million in comparison to last year’s Q1.

A broader look at Capcom’s most popular and long-running franchises gives us a better idea on the success and contribution of each one to the company’s current position. By far and large, the Resident Evil IP is the one that sold more units during its lifespan, with 146 million games finding their way into the hands of players worldwide. Last April, the Resident Evil 4 Remake received the free DLC The Mercenaries, bolstering the game’s popularity even further.

The Monster Hunter series is the second-best Capcom IP in terms of sales, with an impressive 94 million units sold. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak counts six million units sold so far, a commendable achievement for the expansion released in June 2022. Completing the podium is the Street Fighter series, coming with a respectable 52 million units sold.

The remaining Capcom IP doesn’t boast numbers as impressive, but are worth noting as well. The Mega Man series sold 40 million units, Dante and Nero’s adventures in Devil May Cry shifted 29 million units, and Dragon’s Dogma comes far behind with 7.7 million units.

Capcom recently released the dino shooter Exoprimal (read our review), already boasting over one million players in less than a month, and the long-awaited Dragon’s Dogma 2 is under development.

Source: Capcom

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