Catch the PS5 Controller in Action Here Now With the DualSense Hands-On Reveal

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While Sony has officially announced and revealed the PS5 controller called the DualSense back in April, we haven’t seen the thing in action or in the hands of people yet. Well, that’s changing today, as The Game Awards producer Geoff Keighley will be live-streaming a DualSense hands-on reveal at 12 noon EDT/9 a.m. PDT/12 midnight HKT.

Fans can watch it unfold in the video below.

While we still don’t know the price or release date of the PS5, the Amazon page for it has gone live.  Hopefully, once we know the full price of the console,. the price of the controller and other PS5-related items will be revealed as well.

Don’t forget, while the PS5 is a few months away, the current PlayStation, the PS4, just got a massive game released today with Ghost of Tsushima! Head on over to our review, and make sure to read up on our Ghost of Tsushima guides over at our sister site SP1st!

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