Check Out the Full Fallout 76 Map Right Now

full fallout 76 map

With Bethesda now dipping its toes into the shared world, games-as-a-service (GaaS) genre with Fallout 76, some might be wondering just how big this version of the Wasteland set in West Virginia is.

It’s big, but you don’t have to believe me, you can check out the full Fallout 76 map below.

Of course, this is a big overview of the map, and we’re unsure for now just exactly which places we can actually go to. Given Bethesda’s past games though, I wouldn’t be surprised if we can trek through the entire thing.

In other Fallout 76 news, go check out how microtransactions are being handled in the game. Don’t forget, there are hours of gameplay footage available to watch right now.

Source: Play4.UK

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