Hours of Fallout 76 Gameplay Have Vaulted Out, Watch Some Now

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It seems the embargo for Fallout 76 has lifted, as a TON of Fallout 76 gameplay footage is now available from a bunch of different sources. Want to know how combat is? Progression? All that and more can be seen in the videos below.

Obviously, some of the footage below might be considered a bit spoiler-ish given they’re raw gameplay. So if you want to experience Fallout 76 super fresh, then maybe just watch a few minutes and leave it at that.

Fallout 76 — 15 minutes of gameplay | PVP, trading, VATS, leveling and more

Here’s a chunk of raw gameplay from our latest playthrough of Fallout 76, including a look at leveling, combat, trading and beyond.

50 Minutes Of Fallout 76 Gameplay In 4K

Fallout 76’s Opening Gameplay – Part 1 (4K)

There’s lots more Fallout 76 gameplay footage making the rounds on social media and YouTube, so if you’re still craving for more, go check those out.

In other Fallout 76 news, Bethesda has said that the game is built to be supported month-by-month, week-by-week.You can also read up on the game’s upcoming beta right here.