Check Out This Leaked Battlefield V Rotterdam Gameplay, Embargo Lifts Monday (Update #2)

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Update #2:

EA has taken the other video down too! Don’t fret! We have a new one that hopefully, EA won’t be able to pull down.


In case you didn’t know, DICE brought Battlefield V to gamescom. While the embargo for footage isn’t set to lift until August 27 according to DICE, it seems some people have already uploaded footage online.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Battlefield V subreddit, you can check out some Battlefield V Rotterdam gameplay! Rotterdam is, of course, one of the levels in the game, and will be playable during the beta next month. Enough chit-chat from me; give it a watch before they’re pulled by EA’s lawyers.

While the actual gameplay from the player isn’t the best, we at least managed to get some idea on how Rotterdam plays, no? You can read up on more Battlefield V info straight from gamescom right here, and here.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has tweaked the medic class so that players can now carry two kinds of equipment and a revive tool (syringe) at the same time.

Stay tuned for more Battlefield V news here on MP1st.