Rumor: CS:GO Battle Royale Is Coming, Files Point Towards “Survival” Mode

Even Valve seems to be getting sucked into the battle royale hype, with rumors surrounding a possible CS:GO Battle Royale popping up, and evidence of a new “Survival” mode appearing within the game’s files.

Trusted YouTube user Valve News Network has done a great job compiling information that supports the idea that CS:GO Battle Royalis indeed coming.

Watch the video below to see evidence of compound bows, unarmed combat, light and heavy armour, supply crates, parachutes, drones, breach charges, adrenaline shots, sonar, beacons, new grenades, night vision goggles, an island map, and references to “Survival.”

That’s a hell of a lot of files hinting towards a PUBG-esque experience. I mean, what else could it be? A tease by the developers, perhaps?

Would you want to see a battle royale mode come to CS:GO? Do you think it’s likely to happen? Let us know.

In other gaming news, it looks like two Battlefield games are currently in development, one by DICE Sweden and one by DICE LA; completing Star Wars Battlefront II‘s single-player DLC earns players some nifty rewards, and PUBG‘s creator wants “better protection” from copycats.

Source: Valve News Network via VG247

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