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CS:GO Concurrent Player Count Reaches All-Time High at 1M News 0

News 0 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or more commonly known as CS:GO, is still raking in players even after years of being out (two decades if you count the original Counter-Strike). Case in point: The CS:GO concurrent player count has now reached an all-time high of one million! This was mentioned by the Steam Database Twitter account that […]

CSGO Update Log: CSGO Nuke and Canals Update Brings Huge Changes News 0

News 0 A new CSGO update log blog post has provided patch notes for the new Nuke and Canals update, which looks to really shake up the gameplay experienced on both maps. The download size is ~165 MB. Read on for the full CSGO update log patch notes: GAMEPLAY Enabled shotgun spread patterns on official matchmaking servers […]

Rumor: CS:GO Battle Royale Is Coming, Files Point Towards “Survival” Mode News 0

News 0 Even Valve seems to be getting sucked into the battle royale hype, with rumors surrounding a possible CS:GO Battle Royale popping up, and evidence of a new “Survival” mode appearing within the game’s files. Trusted YouTube user Valve News Network has done a great job compiling information that supports the idea that CS:GO Battle Royale is indeed coming. […]

CS:GO Update Further Improves Dust II Map & Fixes Bugs News 0

News 0 CS:GO has a new patch out, which fixes a couple of bugs and makes improvements to the Dust II  map, while also improving performance. Find the full list of CS:GO patch notes below: DUST II Adjusted bullet penetration value of wooden doors Smoothed out ground displacements for more predictable grenades Adjusted shadow ambient color temperature […]

New Update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Patch Notes Released News 8

News 8 A new update was rolled out earlier today for Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The patch updates CS:GO to, as published on CSGO_Servers. You can read through the notes below: Gameplay Fixed the molotov not having the same collision bounds as the rest of the grenades. Fixed some grenades allowing visibility through them […]