Datamined Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screenshots Reveal Major Plot Points & Characters

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In case you’ve been celebrating the holidays and haven’t been keeping tabs on the site or video game news, you might not have known that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is about to get a still-unannounced demo, but the actual demo game file is already out in the wild and is being picked apart as we speak in the form of new datamined Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots!

For those interested, we have more info now via the new datamined Final Fantasy 7 Remake screenshots that not only shows us the updated look of some of the characters, but even major plot points, too! It seems Square Enix has pulled in stuff from the Final Fantasy 7 prequel — Crisis Core released on the PSP back in 2007 — and integrated it into the remake. The images were datamined and collected by Twitter user OtherEhm though it has since been deleted.

Before diving in below, note that some of the screenshots will be super spoiler-ish in nature given that some show what looks like a new boss character, some familiar ones appearing when and where they shouldn’t and so on.

This is your last chance before scrolling down as some of the screens below will spoil some of the story beats in the game, so proceed at your own discretion, alright?

As you can see from the screenshot above, it seems we’ll be interacting with Sepiroth way earlier than usual. In case you didn’t know, this first part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes place on Midgar, which, from my understanding doesn’t show Sepiroth, since he shows up in disc 2 (at least from what I remember).

Not only that, but it looks like we’ll be dealing with a new boss character in that white string-like thing that wasn’t present in the PS1 version.

We’re expecting more stuff to be leaked from the demo, and we’re awaiting Sony and Square Enix’s announcement of the demo’s existence and availability any day now as well.

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