Death Stranding Has Officially Gone Gold

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After years in development, Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions are proud to announce that Death Stranding has officially gone gold! Taking to Twitter, game’s producer Hideo Kojima announced the exciting news all while thanking everyone who has been involved in the making.

Guerrilla games also took the time to congratulate the team on their achievements. Guerrilla games played a crucial part in the development of Death Stranding as they were the ones to provide the Decima Engine to Kojima Productions. Of course since then the engine has been heavily modified to suit the teams needs, but regardless without them Death Stranding could have very well not have been made.


For those who aren’t aware of the meaning of going gold, essentially the game is “finished” and ready to be printed for an official release. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t continue working on the game, considering that their is a little over a whole month until release. In fact we are very much likely going to see some type of day one patch released as the team continues to work on the title be it polishing or fixing bugs that crop up leading up to the launch.

Be on the look out for more Death Stranding news as we near launch and be on the look out for the official launch trailer that was teased a bit ago by Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding in launching on November 8, exclusively to the PlayStation 4.