Destiny 2 Raid Chests Locations Guide, Here Are All Nine Secret Leviathan Chests

The Destiny 2 Raid chests are well-hidden, but thankfully YouTube user SXVXN has found all nine and recorded their locations. 

Forget wandering aimlessly about Leviathan, and use his helpful guide instead. You’ll find the video embedded below, along with timestamps which take you to each individual chest. 

Here are the timestamps for each chest location:

Engine Chest – 04:06
Transfer Chest – 06:23
Armory Chest – 08:11
Aqueduct Chest – 10:54
Ventilator Chest – 12:32
Conduit Chest – 14:46
Irrigation Chest – 18:47
Pipeline Chest – 20:15
Drain Chest – 26:01

Let us know what gear you find in these Destiny 2 Raid chests!

In other Destiny 2 news, the Raid was beaten within six hours of launching, some “racist gauntlets” have been fixed, and patch 1.03 was released. We also went ahead and listed the top five Destiny 2 Easter eggs found within the two social spaces. Finally, the game reached a peak of 1.2 million concurrent players, and Bungie expressed their thanks on Twitter. 

Oh, and Xur has arrived for the weekend! Check out what he’s selling right here.

Source: SXVXN via Reddit 

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